Preventive Measures Against COVID-19


The safety and well-being of our guests and employees are always our primary concern. The following measures are being carried out to prevent the spread of the New Coronavirus (COVID-19) or any eventual infection.

【For Hotel Facilities】

  • The hotel main entrance door is cleaned and sanitized frequently.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are available in all common areas, elevator landing areas, guestrooms and back of house areas.
  • High-touch surfaces are regularly disinfected in all common areas and guestrooms (doors, doorknobs, elevator buttons and handrails, stair railings, switches, remote controls, bellboy trolleys etc.)
  • Tables, menus and bill holders are disinfected frequently and after the guests leave.
  • Ventilation in banquet rooms is maintained by maximum air conditioning settings.


【For Hotel Employees】

  • Self-monitoring health and body temperature
  • Wearing sanitary masks, washing hands regularly and keeping a safe distance.


【To Guests】

  • Required to follow the hotel’s safety procedures in line with Government advice
  • Required to inform the hotel staff in case of detected positive on Covid Test or any flu-like symptoms, and comply with instructions from hotel management.


We are closely monitoring the global situation and will keep you posted on any further update.

Please contact us at for further assistance.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to welcoming you at Hotel Nikko Saigon.



Masanori Honda

General Manager

Hotel Nikko Saigon


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